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Chimney Services

We provide high-quality chimney repairs or replacements in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, chimneys can sustain damage from outside elements that build up over time. Damage from falling trees, wear and tear, and extreme weather conditions could leave your chimney looking a little worse for wear, which could lead to dangerous issues if it is left unresolved. You can prevent this from occurring by allowing a professional to visit your property and inspect the area. All of our installations or repairs are functioning, safe and efficient to leave your structure as good as new. Just contact us today to book an appointment or to find out more.


Detecting issues and damage to your chimney can be quite tricky, especially if you are trying to view it from the ground level. However, there are many signs that you can look out for which may indicate that your property requires rapid repair work. If you notice any of the following issues, just get in touch to book in for quality repairs at affordable prices.

Chimney Rendering

As well as other repairs, we can re-render chimneys of shapes and sizes. This is an effective method that will help to maintain your property by giving you a more waterproof solution. Acting as a double skin wall, it will insulate your chimney to protect it against the elements so it will last longer.

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